A compounding pharmacy is a special kind of pharmacy that can make customised medications. Whereas most pharmacies dispense medications that have been made elsewhere, a compounding pharmacist can make the medications themselves. In some cases, the mass-produced medications that are typically prescribed don’t meet the individual needs. This is where compounding pharmacists come in.

Why Use a Compounding Pharmacy?

There are several reasons why the commonly available forms of a drug may not be suitable for a particular patient. We’ll go over all the main reasons patients choose to consult a compounding pharmacist.

The Form of the Medication is Unsuitable

The vast majority of medications come in pill form. What if the patient has swallowing difficulties and is not able to take a pill? In this case, compounding pharmacists can produce a liquid version that can be easily administered.

In other situations, patients may have nausea, vomiting or other GI disturbances where the medication can’t be kept down. In this case, a gel version of the medication can be formulated that will be applied to the skin. This medication is absorbed through the skin, and there’s no risk of vomiting. Compounded medications can easily be used to overcome any challenges the patient has.

The Patient is Taking Several Different Medications

For some patients with multiple health problems, they may be prescribed numerous medications to take daily. Taking multiple different pills several times a day can be an extreme hassle. The pharmacist is able to customise medications and put all the active ingredients into a single pill.

Now the patient only has to take a single pill and can receive each of the needed medications much more easily. Some patients who take natural supplements may also choose to have these combined with their medication. With a compounding pharmacy, all of this is possible.

The Patient Is Allergic to an Ingredient in the Medication

Mass-produced medications have all kinds of fillers and additives; you’re not just getting the active ingredient that you need. If the patient is allergic to one of these extra ingredients, then the medication isn’t suitable for them.

The medication can be recreated from scratch by the compounding pharmacist, with the allergen removed. Now, it is safe for the patient to take without any complications.

The Medication Isn’t Commercially Available

What if the medication you need is not currently available in Australia? Sometimes pharmaceutical companies will discontinue a certain drug. Other times there can be shortages and backorders.
Once again, it’s possible to create this medication that you need. This ensures patients can continue getting vital medications even if the primary manufacturer has discontinued them.


Compounding pharmacists play a vital role in healthcare, providing unique medications that meet specialised needs. There are several reasons why some people can’t take commonly available medications. It’s essential for these people to still get the valuable medicine they need and they can do so through a compounding chemist.