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Do you ever wonder, why can’t I combine all my medications into One?


At eCompounding Chemist in consultation with your doctor this is something we do all the time. We can combine two or more active ingredients in one formulation (e.g. in a single tablet, capsule, lotion or cream, etc.).
Common examples include Bio-identical Hormone replacement (BHRT) preparations, topical anaesthetics used in a numbing cream, cosmetic agents combined into one cream and combination of prescriptions medications with natural medicines into a cream or a capsule.
Compounding bio-identical hormones gives doctors and patients many more options than are currently commercially available. We make individual and combined hormone therapies in creams, gels, capsules and troches.
Sometimes, patients struggle with the side effects of traditional oral pain medications. At eCompounding Chemist we can compound transdermal (through the skin) creams that target local sources of pain while minimising the potential for harmful systemic effects and addiction. These pain formulation often combine different active ingredients to target the pain in multiple ways.
Cosmetic agents work in synergy (more powerful together). A cosmetic cream may contain a peeling agent, anti-oxidant, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one formulation!
Combining prescription with natural medications is popular with our patients and doctors too. Patients love it because they only need to take one dosage form instead of two or three. Whilst doctors are comforted their patients are not taking random natural medicines.
If you would like to know more please contact eCompounding Chemist for a personalised solution.

Are There Allergens in Your Prescription Medications?


Did you know our compounding pharmacists make medicines from scratch? This is ideal for patients who are allergic to non-active ingredients in their medicine.

At eCompounding Chemist we can reformulate a prescription to exclude unwanted, nonessential ingredients, such as lactose, gluten, or a dye to which a patient is allergic.

There is a range of allergens that are commonly found in the inactive ingredients that bind the active ingredients in medications together. Some of the most common allergens include:

Peanut oil derivatives

Did you know most capsules are made out of Gelatin?

In addition to the fillers being used, gelatin also is used in making the coating of capsules for many medications. While rare, some people may be hypersensitive to cow or bovine gelatin products.

At eCompounding Chemist we can compound medications using plant-based Capsules so they don’t contain any gelatin.

Do you have dietary restrictions?

Whether its allergy, intolerance or optional dietary restrictions, eCompounding Chemist can meet your needs.

We can compound medications with specific dietary requirements such as latctose-free, gluten-free, animal-free, halal or kosher.

If you would like to know more please contact eCompounding Chemist for a personalised solution.

Ever wondered, if it is possible to reproduce medications that are discontinued?

Or if it is possible to create medicines that available overseas but Not in Australia?

At eCompounding Chemist, we re-create unavailable medications all the time!
Medications may be commercially unavailable for a variety of reasons.

Medications may be back-ordered due to a manufacturing problem. Often manufacturing problems occur because the manufacturer cannot keep up with the demand or it cannot source the ingredients of the medicine. When common commercial mediations become unexpectedly unavailable, eCompounding Chemist can easily supply you with your medication until it becomes available again.
Sometimes a large pharmaceutical manufacturer discontinues a medication. Often this happens because not enough patients are taking the drug, so it is unprofitable to keep mass-producing it. But what about the patients who still need that drug? Hundreds or even thousands of patients still may need that medication. At eCompounding Chemist, we can re-create that medication by compounding it, so also if only one person in the world still needs that medication.

Drug companies may also decide to market a medication in a particular country such as the USA but not in Australia. Their decision may be based only on commercial viability. As the USA may be a broader market than Australia or the marketed drug may be targeting a more common disease in America than Australia. At eCompounding chemist, we can create overseas drugs from scratch that are unavailable in Australia.

If you have any queries about which unavailable medications can be compounded just give us a call.

Do you ever wonder, is it possible to change my tablets into a liquid?

At eCompounding Chemist in consultation with your doctor this is something we do all the time. We can change a tablet into a liquid, suppository, lozenge or even a cream!

We can formulate treatments in a way that you might find easier to take or
administer (e.g. by creating liquid formulations of commercially available tablets or

We have helped many of our patients taking their medications by offering them a practical solution.

Many patients have difficulty swallowing a solid dosage form such as a tablet or a capsule. For such patients we have formulated an alternative dosage form such as a liquid.

Patients who suffer from nausea and vomiting, cannot keep their medicine down. One way to overcome this is by formulating a cream or gel which may be applied behind their ear. The medicine is absorbed through the skin (transdermal) and the patient won’t vomit the medicine. We also use this method of formulations in many animals such as cats.

We also helped many patients by formulating a cream such as pain creams to work at the local site where the pain is. By applying a cream rather than taking a pill this decreases the risk of side effects. Topical pain relievers for treating arthritis for example in peripheral joints, such as the fingers, wrists, elbows and knees have helped many of our patients.
Formulating antibiotics into a suppository has been another way of helping our patients especially children. Sometimes oral anti-biotics are available in tablet or capsule form which children and infants cannot swallow. Liquid Antibiotics may also be too bitter for children and infants to ingest and suppositories are often a good alternative.

If you have a specific problem or concern regarding a health care product that has been prescribed or recommended for you or a loved one, and you think eCompounding Chemist might be able to help, contact us now.

We can formulate treatments in a way that you might find easier to take or
administer (e.g. by creating liquid formulations of commercially available tablets or
capsules; or by improving the flavour of a particular product)
We can adjust the strength or concentration of active treatments in a particular
formulation (e.g. making sure that your capsules, tablets, liquid medications or
creams contain exactly the right amount of drug that you need)
Using our eCompounding Chemist service may also make things potentially
more cost-effective for you; e.g. in some situations, it may be possible to
produce formulations of specific treatments or supplements that don’t need
to be taken or used as often as the commercially available product (so you
don’t need to purchase them as often).



DO YOU – or does a loved one – take a commercially available pharmaceutical
product or supplement for a particular disease or condition, but still feel unwell
or experience troublesome symptoms?

DO YOU – or does a loved one – find that medications or treatments for the
prevention or alleviation of particular symptoms are not as effective as expected?

DO YOU ever experience symptoms (physical or mental) that adversely affect your
quality of life or ability to do things? Does a loved one experience such symptoms?

DO YOU simply feel tired or unwell and wonder whether there is something else
you could take to help you feel better? Does a loved one feel this way?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then eCompounding
Chemist would be happy to discuss your concerns with you and – if necessary
– help organise an appropriate referral, either to your GP or another doctor, to
determine whether preparation of an appropriately customised compounded
preparation might be a potentially helpful option for you.

Best Regards,
Shadi Ibrahim

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