Our latest blog is on Alcohol consumption, Alcoholism, and the New Guideline

Many Australians drink Alcohol in amounts that are harmful to their health. This kind of drinking can cause death, disease and injury and is a significant factor in ill health and social harm in Australia.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in Australia. People drink alcohol for various reasons and in different social and cultural contexts, but Alcohol can cause harm to the person who drinks and sometimes to others around them.

During the pandemic, some people have been drinking less because they are going less often to pubs. Others are drinking more at home. Of these, some have turned to drink for stress relief and run into significant strife with it.

The New Guidelines and Alcohol Consumption
No level of alcohol consumption can be considered safe for everyone. To reduce the risk of harm from alcohol-related disease or injury for healthy men and women, drink no more than ten standard drinks per week and no more than four standard drinks on any one day. A standard drink is a can or stubbie of mid-strength beer, 100ml of wine, or a 30ml shot of spirits.

To read more: https://www.kersbrookpharmacy.com/alcohol-consumption-alcoholism-and-the-new-guidelines/